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Original pickups.

The design of our humbuckers have an optimized winding to reduce the volume drop level when it's split to single coil.

More sustain.

Our aluminium-made guitar offers almost 50% more sustain than a traditional wooden top guitar.

No truss rod.

One-piece aluminium neck means there's no need for a truss rod, as it won't bend.


In addition of hum-cancelling humbuckers our design and metal structure provide perfect shielding and thus prevent any electromagnetic interference that could affect the sound of the guitar.

A new brand of aluminium guitars and basses made in Belgium!

After months of research and engineering, this first guitar model (G01) is ready to conquer the heart of musicians.

Why have we chosen aluminium?

For the rarity, the unique look it creates, for the clarity and precision of the sound, for the shine!

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Designer and co-creator

Jean-Baptiste DEMARCIN

Sales director and co-creator

+32 (0) 479 51 72 27

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